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learn photo edit 2017You probably already heard about this amazing photo editing program which is called “Learn Photo Editing“. I have come to know about it through a Facebook ad when I was looking for an opportunity to earn money online. Before joining this program, I know bit about photo editing but it was not enough for me to edit any photo like professionals and earn money by offering photo editing services to individuals and companies. But after purchasing this course which includes 35 pro tutorials helped me to learn more than just photo editing and open new door of opportunity for me.

If you are one of those, who want to learn photo editing and looking to start your career as graphic designer on freelancing websites, then you must checkout this “Learn Photo Editing” course because it will not only enhance your ability to edit photos in much professional ways but also allow you to enhance your existing editing skills.

For those who are not sure whether they should purchase this course or not, I am writing a quick review for them to get some ideas whether its suit with their requirements of not.

join now photo editPrice:

learn photo edit priceLearning graphic designing and photo editing in an institute can cost you a lot. It is true that there is free tutorials on YouTube are also available to learn photo editing which are free but those free tutorial teach you only the basic. As compare to the price which institute charges you for learning photo editing, this course is very cheap. There is no monthly or yearly price need to pay to learn all types of photo editing which includes in this course. The cost for 35 video tutorials is only $27. By paying this money, you will not only get access of all video tutorials but also access of customer services to get help in future in case if you are not understanding anything.

learn photo edit downloadPayment options:

There are several options available to make payment on the website which includes Visa card, PayPal, Master card and other online payment solution like Discover and American Express etc. All of these payment methods have been secured by third party, so you do not need to be worried about while purchasing the course. The website also allows you to contact with their team if you do not have any of these to make payment, they will suggest you any other way to make it payment then.

Money back guarantee:

To make it easy and affordable for everyone, the company is already offering this course in very cheap rates. But for extra trust, they are also offering 60 days full money back guarantee. Its mean that you can get your money back within first 60 days if you think that their course does not fit with you or it very difficult for you to follow it etc.

join now photo editWhat did you get?


  • 35 video tutorials:

35 videosWhen this course was started, there was only few video tutorial was available to learn but with the passage of time, the company has added new video tutorials with further advance editing techniques. This course was started from only 10 video tutorials but today there are 35 available to learn with the same price.

  • Images for editing:

Each video tutorial does not only come with the video but also with the collection of images to use while learning the photo editing. You can also learn them on your own photos but to help the students in much easy ways, the high quality images have been also added with each tutorial.

  • Material from the program:

Each 35 video tutorial will teach you a new way to editing the photos. So, you are not only learning to edit a photo in 35 different ways but also different photo editing techniques. Total 10 types of photo editing effects have been included in the videos which you will learn through this course.

  • 3D effect tutorial included:

There is also a 3D effect tutorial is included in this course. You do not need to purchase, download or install any 3D software to learn this effect. The designer will teach you to make it possible in Adobe Photoshop with step by step guide.

  • Written guide:

Video guide is enough for you to learn photo editing through this course but to make it easier for those who want to learn by reading, the company has included written tutorial of each video tutorial in the course for free. This is great option for those who does has visual issue and prefers to read instead of watch.

  • Customer services:

Free support for all users is also includes in the price you paid for the course. There is already FAQ center is created for those who are looking for answers of basic questions. For further help, you can contact with the team.

join now photo edit

  • This is one of the cheapest professional photo editing courses available at the moment
  • There are no hidden charges of monthly fee you need to pay to get access of tutorials
  • The company offer 60 days full money back guarantee to all of their customers
  • There are several ways available to make payment and purchase the course
  • Total 35 video tutorials available to learn photo editing easily
  • All tutorial also includes big images to use and screen shot for learning
  • Total 10 different kind of photo editing techniques you will learn through this course
  • The tutorials are suitable for all version of Adobe Photoshop including illustration.


  • The option to download video tutorials is not available.


The “Learn Photo Editing” course is an excellent option for those who want to learn photo editing and basics of graphic designing to start earning money online. By learning advance photo editing can open new door of opportunity on freelancer websites for you. We rate this course 5 out of 5. There is no option available to download the video tutorials and we understand that the company has set this option to keep their course secure for the people who can put their course for free on torrent. So, this issue won’t affect the rating of this course for us.

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