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Pianoforall is a complete encyclopedia of piano lessons. It essentially is usually a computer-based multimedia training that integrates text lessons with visual and audible elements. Each one of the manuals sticks to a particular aspect of playing piano, so it is possible to specialize in every aspect. You can simply begin this study course if you’re at an intermediate degree too as it progresses up to quite an advanced degree at the end.

This program uses a distinct teaching strategy. You’ll be able to very first study about chords and rhythms and at the same time study to sight read and play by ear. After fundamental orientation to the piano, the program begins by teaching how you can play basic chords to a variety of rhythms to make common songs.

You don’t need to worry in case you belong towards the intermediate level of learners simply because the lessons tend to progress until you learn how to play like a professional.

 What’s In PianoForAll?

Piano instruction traditionally begins with what we call Sight Reading; this means you are tasked with memorizing known the compositions of famous composers by using musical notation. It’s a process that takes some time to learn and even those who are accomplished at Sight Reading can rarely even begin to tell you how the music they Sight Read is constructed. They can do this by studying chords and harmony. But PianoforAll uses a different teaching method. You can first learn about chords and rhythms and at the same time learn to Sight Read and play by ear. Because there are plenty of choices offered for you to appear into whilst you search on the internet, you need to know which of these choices will benefit you most and allow you to have those quick piano for free lessons.


Take the time to read reviews on-line about the distinct piano course possibilities that are available. Do not just go and purchase the 1st course that you just come across. You’ll be able to locate unbiased evaluations by searching blogs and forums on the web. You will know people that learned piano and will confirm: Piano for everyone is possible!

get instant access buttonMore Flexibility

Whenever you understand piano on the net, you’re in total control. You possess the benefit of being capable to find out whenever you possess the desire to. That you are in charge of once you have your lessons regardless of whether you are a morning individual or a night owl, it truly is as much as you while you chose to find out piano.

Economical Advantages

Online lessons are a reasonably priced and efficient solution to begin the finding out procedure. Usually the online piano costs a lot but not this course. The starting price is only $39.

Easy to Use

As you might have guessed the first book of PianoForAll will teach your simple chords, teacher Robin Hall leads you through this course via video. Just click on the “Play Video” button and you can watch Robin showing you where to put your fingers on the piano keys, all you need to do is follow along.

There are also audio files included in the course, just click on the icon that looks like a loudspeaker and you can hear the chord that Robin is discussing.

In addition to the video and audio help the course includes hundreds of diagrams and pictures showing you exactly where to position your hands to follow along with the music.

get instant access buttonThis Course Includes:

pianoforall booksThere are 10 books all together in the program made up of 200 audio files and 500 instructional videos. You don’t have to do anything to access this information; all of the files are embedded right in the books. All you have to do in order to hear or watch the file you want is to click on the corresponding button.

The Prices

This course can be purchased through two different ways; You can download all books, videos and audios which cost you only $39 where the other option cost $49 because in second option you will able to get deliver of videos and audios in a CD form at your doorstep. The course is priced at a reasonable $49, remember there is no additional cost for the postage of a CD hard copy and you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper deal on piano lessons.

pianoforall reviewThe Guarantee

It offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course, really there is not risk to you. But this money back guarantee is not available on second package in which you will get the copy of all content in CDs. So, before you order the physical copy of videos and audios, it is better to use their instant download option and try before you actually asked them to send you CDs.

pianoforall reviewCD or Direct Download

After you have paid for the course you can either download it directly to your computer or have it sent to you on a CD. Both of these options for obtaining the software cost exactly the same price, there isn’t even a postage charge for the shipment of the CD.


  • It offers 100% Money Play Ensure.
  • It would be easier to instruct the soft.
  • There, 200 recording soft lessons in it.
  • It has the quickest way to discover piano and keyboard.
  • You can feel some significant testimonies inside.


  • We really did not found any con to discuss here.

Users Review:

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pianoforall user reviewConclusion:

Robin Hall is an excellent teacher and I really like his methods. I would adopt similar practices with my own students. The course is brilliant in its simplicity, it’s easy to follow and all you need to do is copy what you see and hear. It lets you play the piano almost instantly and I have seen how effective this method is with students taking the course.

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